Power Station
Tera 1000

1000Wh Portable Power for Outdoors,
Outage, and On the Go

  • Portable & Handy
  • Rugged Durability
  • No Carbon Emissions
  • No Fan Noise
  • EV-grade Batteries
  • Power 10 Devices
  • 2-Hour Fast Recharge
  • Solar Compatible

Highly Versatile, Widely Compatible

1000Wh, the perfect balance between capacity & mobility

Designed for every occasion. Stronger than power banks, lighter than generators.

Safety, Prioritized

Built to Last, Durable from the Inside Out

Why choose Tera? Let's take a peek inside...

Galvanized Steel Chassis

The Tera equips a galvanized steel chassis, comparing to competitors who either have a softer aluminum structure or no structural support at all. The chassis ensures all-around protection for Tera's inner body including batteries and inverter, making the unit drop-resistent up to 1.64ft onto concrete with no critical damage.

Advanced Heat Dissipation

To prevent battery overheating and address fan noise, Tera is designed with 3 built-in ventilation spaces, including a dedicated heatsink at the top. This is an industry-first innovation for the most efficient and quiet cooling.

For maximized safety, Tera equips a back-up fan that's 4x the size of competitors', large enough to cool both the batteries and inverter. The fan only kicks in when Tera operates at full capacity, reducing noise to the minimum.

Fully Automated Manufacturing

While the majority of the market still employ human labor in their assembly line, Tera's production is fully automated, eliminating human error and thus improves the quality and consistency of all units.

EV-Grade Batteries, Reliability Runs in the Genes

Premium hardware...

The lithium-ion batteries that power the Tera are most widely used in EVs and E-bikes, and are among the most mature battery technologies on the market. 70mai had previous experience developing E-Scooters and portable power banks, accumulating rich knowledge and R&D capabilities for battery-powered products, that it leveraged on the Power Station Tera.

4-Way Flexible Recharge

2-Hour Fast Recharge

Through AC or generator alone, the Tera can reach full recharge within 2 hours, and charge to 80% in about 1 hour.

Taking off for your camping trip but forgot to charge your Tera last night? Just plug it to AC power, and it'll be ready to go once you finish loading your car.

Get Unlimited Power from the Sun or Your Running Van

Live sustainably, charge with solar. The 70mai Portable Solar Panel 100* can fully charge your Tera in 6 hours, while offering two extra USB ports for your mobile devices.

With pass-through charging, the Tera can power other devices while charging itself. Plug it to your vehicle's cigarette lighter, and it keeps food fresh in the car fridge, while powering everyone's phones and tablets.

*The 70mai Portable Solar Panel 100 is sold separately.

Easy to Use Just Got Easier

Bluetooth App Control

Connect to the 70mai App through Bluetooth to control the Tera remotely. Turn on and off, manage settings and check status, monitor carbon emission savings and more!

Bulky Adapter? Gone.

The Tera equips a patented 2-in-1 inverter, integrating the bulky adapter that’s traditionally attached to the AC cable. This further improves portability, letting you carry energy around without being dragged down by the extra weight.

More Power on the Move

For camping, RV living, photo-shooting, remote working, busking and beyond... The 70mai Power Station Tera 1000 makes green power accessible anytime, anywere.

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